"Well-regarded" (Broadway Baby)
"Crumbly old comedy junkie"
(Kunt and The Gang)
"Enigmatic biographer"
(Bruce Dessau's Beyond The Joke)
"The Boswell of the alternative comedy scene"
“Fleming knows a bit about comedy’s extremities”(Fest magazine)
"One of the most influential figures in British comedy"
(The Skinny)
"He’s someone who can recognise a comedy diamond in the rough" (The Scotsman)
"The most interesting, informed and stimulating writing on the Fringe" (critic Kate Copstick)
"Ever-wise... Ever-great... Agree with him or not, there’s research and opinion and everything." (Such Small Portions)


The secret to marketing an Edinburgh show is... who knows?
... but this is what John Fleming is doing.
28th May 2012

You're no one if you're not on TV
TV success or total creative satisfaction? The eternal choice facing comedians.
22nd May 2012

Free Fringe accused of obstructing comics
Ban on PBH performers appearing at rival venues
8th April 2012

Do free Fringe shows put off reviewers?
John Fleming asks. Peter Buckley Hill replies
3rd January 2012

People thought we were just drunks taking our clothes off...
Comedian Martin Soan remembers
24th December 2011

The Patrice O'Neal I knew
by Lewis Schaffer, as told to John Fleming
3rd December 2011

The mother of the father of alternative comedy...
Memories of Malcolm Hardee's mum Joan
30th November 2011

Venting an opinion
Nina Conti's new film
17th November 2011

When is a joke racist?
7th November 2011

What TV producers are *really* looking for
17th October 2011

Why didn't Show Me The Funny show us the funny?
Exasperation at ITV's new show
19th July 2011

Comics: See the bigger picture
13th July 2011

Come into the light....
Stage advice to performers
6th July 2011

Steve Coogan's porn film
New biopic of porn baron Paul Raymond
31st May 2011

Worshipping Dodd
Ken Dodd reviewed
25th April 2011

Comedians are psychopathic masochists with a death wish
24th March 2011

No regrets?
The attitude required to become a comedian
23rd February 2011

A tale of two Fringes...
The only predictable thing about Edinburgh is its unpredictability
16th February 2011

In defence of racist jokes
I stick up for Bernard Manning
31st January 2011

The tragedy of great sitcoms
25th January 2011