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Reviewer: Angie Idle, England
Rating * * * * *

Bloody great! The most intelligently intertwined comedy/play/standup combined I've ever seen. It's good. So good I'm going to see it again. Different - funny - very - I cannot explain!!

Reviewer: Georgia Shaw, Edinburgh
Rating * * * * *

When I saw this the other day, I thought it was excellent. I laughed all the way through it and its by far the funniest show I've seen on the Fringe yet! I most definitely give it a five star rating.

Reviewer: Martyn Sadler, England
Rating * * * * *

There's a thin dividing line between genius and madness and Chuck has both feet firmly planted on both sides of the line. You'll either love it or hate it - there's no middle way. When I saw "Scooge", there was a real danger of the entire audience dying of hysteria. I haven't seen so many people literally doubling over with laughter in years. Charlie Chuck is that oft-quoted but seldom seen thing - a true one-off original and not for bland audiences. The act is somewhere between Tommy Cooper and Operation Desert Storm.

Reviewers: Paula and David, Musselburgh, Scotland
Rating * * * * *

15 shades of insane and completely hysterical. We have a feeling this show will be different every night as Charlie goes off on different tangents! You'll even learn how to exercise the Chuckaerobics way. Funnier than Tiddles' ghost.

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